Hepco curve guides

Hepco PRT2

Ring Slides and Track Systems. Rings slides for circular or part circular movement and Track Systems for combined linear and circular motion applications. These products are unique in the combination of accuracy, capacity and design flexibility they provide.

Hepco PRT2 1-TRAK

-TRAK Is a new development for Hepco's stocked PRT2 program.
1-TRAK processed as one unit in high quality and with hardened surfaces.
A unique processing techniques ensure high precision and high tolerances.

Hepco PRT2-Ring slides

Hepco has expanded the popular PRT2 program with toothed steel rings.
These steel rings are externally toothed, so they match AT timing belts.

Hepco DTS Belt Driven Track

Hepco Motion’s Belt Driven Track System is a complete package incorporating drive pulleys and belts together with all the ancillary mechanical parts needed to make a system. Carriages are generally fitted to the drive belt with an ingenious trip latch mechanism that disengages and prevents damage in the event of system overload.

A geared motor or index unit can be simply fixed to the drive pulley. The belt driven track system is available with two sizes of slide section (25mm and 44mm).

• Tracks can incorporate multi carriages that can be locked at workstations for accurate assembly or positioning operations.
• Easily incorporated into a multi function machine as a transfer or positioning system.
• Track slides and end segments are fitted to bespoke aluminium sections, the whole assembly can be mounted to your own installation.
• Timing belt drive for quieter operation than chain drives.
• Option of buying individual DTS components for designing into your own arrangement.

Hepco DTS+ track system

The HepcoMotion DTS product family has been expanded with DTS+. The system incorporates key features of Hepco’s PRT track system and original DTS, combining them with a high load capacity connection for carriages to the drive belt.

The carriages will not disengage from the belt, allowing transmission of higher forces compared to the original DTS system.

Whilst the original DTS will often continue to be the right choice for many applications, the DTS+ may be of particular interest in applications with high loads, a vertical orientation, or where the free space inside the track circuit is required to integrate additional equipment.

Hepco DTS2 High speed track system

The Hepco DTS2 Driven Track System has been developed for high-speed applications. The use of a scroll drive allows rapid indexing to be achieved with superior positional accuracy without the risk of carriage disengagement. The track system is available with three sizes of slide section (25mm, 44mm and 76mm).

• DTS2 linked carriages can accept high driving forces.
• Consistent speed of carriages all around the track enables smooth continuous motion to be achieved.
• Higher accelerations can be achieved leading to faster cycle times.
• Available in stainless steel.
• The DTS2 track is configurable in to any shape made from straight and curved sections.

Hepco Large Ring and Tracks

Hepco’s large diameter ring guides and track systems can be manufactured to any diameter with no upper limit. Rings can be produced to your exact requirements; combined with Hepco’s range of V Guide bearings or MHD bearing blocks. Load capacities in excess of 20 tonnes can be achieved.

• Rings can be specified with a large mod gear and pinion drive providing extremely high driving forces.
• Modular construction provides an easy to assemble solution.
• For greater rigidity rings can be supplied fitted to matching back plates.
• Lubrication system for bearing elements available as standard.

HDRT Heavy Duty Ring and Track

Hepco HDRT offers all the inherent benefits of Hepco’s ring and track systems with the capability to carry much higher loads. Utilising proven components, HDRT track systems are used extensively as transfer systems for machine tool  and automation applications. In general automation, basic gear driven rings up to 1656mm diameter are a popular solution. With little to no maintenance required ring systems are considered in many cases as a cost effective alternative to traditional slewing rings.

• 150mm diameter V Groove bearings can be used for extended system life in high load capacity applications.
• Track systems use proven heavy-duty double edge slides with built in parallelism, saving on setting time.
• Large carriage platform for easy and secure load location.
• Built in lubrication using bearing lubricators.
• Gears machined directly into ring with matching pinions up to Mod 8 size for a high drive capacity.
• All options available in stainless steel.

Beckhoff XTS

The Beckhoff XTS Extended Transport System uses linear motor technology to drive movers around a track. The motion of each mover is independently controlled, offering complex high-speed motion profiles without compromising positional accuracy. Combined with HepcoMotion’s proven track systems the  highly versatile product is rapidly being adopted within the packaging and manufacturing industries as users benefit from vastly improved production rates with the ability to make on the fly product changes.

The HepcoMotion Guidance for Beckhoff XTS eXtended Transport System will meet the needs of higher duty XTS applications where motion profile and long term durability requirements are particularly demanding.
• Hardened steel guidance system (PRT2 or 1 -Trak) retains accuracy over long periods
• Simplified lubrication system – enables use in high duty cycle production environments
• Lightweight mover assembly includes high capacity HepcoMotion V bearings
• V bearings grease packed for life
• Low maintenance Bleed lubrication system for track – food compatible lubricants can be used if necessary
• Easy change mover system with removable track section and pre-set replacement movers
• Stainless steel guidance system available for food processing applications


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