Hose Clamps

NormaClamp TORRO

NormaClamp TORRO zinc plated/stainless

NormaClamp TORRO - WF

For this version of the NORMA TORRO WF the standard hose
clamp is equipped with a spring insert on the inside of the clamp band.
Therefore, the WF is an optimal
solution for applications under extreme temperature changes or for the retention of hoses with a tendency of ‘creeping’

NormaClamp HD stainless

NormaClamp HD stainless. 16 mm.

NormaClamp S

NormaClamp S zinc plated/stainless

Norma Clamp GBS


Norma Cobra Stainless


NormaConnect ARS


Breeze clamp

Breeze hose ties are produced in the United States and Germany, and are part of Norma Group's wide range.
Breeze is high quality hose ties and is suitable where a high torque is required as well as for changing weather conditions and temperatures.
The breeze hose band retains the same torque regardless of weather conditions.

The Breeze HKFK is suitable for larger motors on the air inlet and outlet, but also where a silicone hose is "working" a lot. This applies, on wind turbines, in trains and on construction machinery.

NormaClamp SL


Norma Clamp FBS

KLEEclips with double row of interlocking teeth.
Reuseable og releaseable.

Made from nylon 6.6.

As standard in black colour. On request in other colours.

NormaConnect RS/DIN


NormaFix zinc plated/stainless

NormaFix RS 1./RSGU 1. zinc plated/stainless

NormaFix RLGU


NormaClamp SPGU with console

NormaClamp SPGU with console

NormaFix K1


NormaFix BSL


NormaFix BSN/BSS


NormaFix RS


Oetiker Earclips


Oetiker worm drive clamps

Oetiker worm drive clamps with quick lock, for quick and easy installation.

Material: W4

Band width 12 mm and thickness of 0,9 mm
Available from clamping range 30mm up t0 1000mm.

NormaFix ESS band

NormaFix ESS band zinc plated/stainless

NormaFix ESS buckle

NormaFix ESS buckle zincplated/stainless

Norma assortments

NormaClamp TORRO accessories and Norma Cobra assortment box

Tools for hose clamps

Tools for hose clamps from both Norma and Oetiker.

NormaFix ESS accessories
Norma SVS Quick release

NORMACLAMP® SVS clamps are secure, flexible joining elements designed for
applications where joints need to be closed and released frequently and quickly, such as filtering and filling systems or food industry pipeline systems that are continually being cleaned.

Available in:
 - W4 stainless steel

KLEE Ezyclamp

Designed and manufactured with the highest quality the Ezyclamp is a highly versatile Nylon Worm Drive Hose Clamp.

Quick and easy to install:

2 installation options: Wing or 8 mm Hex.

The Ezyclamp is 12,7mm (1/2") wide and available in 5 sizes covering a diameter range of 25 mm (1") to 150 mm (6").

It is offered in black and a choise of two materials: PA66 (Nylon 6.6.) for standard applications and PA12 (Nylon 12) for niche markets such as 5G telecommunications & Subsea.

PA12 has excellent UV resistance (PA12).

Nylon has several advantages: It is non-conductive, non-corrosive and non-magnetic.

KLEE Ezyclik

Designed and manufactured with the highest quality the Ezyclik is a hose clamp specifically designed for the production line and where space around the clamp is restricted.  The Ezyclik is designed so that it has no leak path and can achieve a considerable clamping force. The clamps unique features alongside the advanced installation tooling that is provided means that the Ezyclik is often found on many production lines.

44 sizes ranging from 8.5mm to 45.5mm diameter.

Black PA66 (nylon 6.6).
On request PP (polypropylen) and PA66GF (nylon 6.6 glass filled)

Oetiker clamp type 178

Oetiker clamp type 178 Stepless®

Stepless® means that the clamps have a special design that eliminates steps and/or overlaps on the inner circumference of the clamp for a 360° leak-free seal.

The clamp is reuseable and suitable for silicone and EPDM hose materials.

Technical data
Band, spacer, retaining elements (D-nut): Stainless Steel, material no. 1.4301/UNS S30400
Screw: Stainless Steel, material no. 1.4319/UNS S30200
Spring: 17-7PH (aerospace quality)

Size range
18.0 - 255.0 mm
Width x thickness
9.0 x 0.6 mm


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