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Bonfiglioli brake motors with STAINLESS IP55 DC-brake or AC-brake IP54
ICME brake motors with IP54 AC- and DC-brake.
KLEEdrive brake motors (type MSB) in aluminum. Power ratings from 0.09 to 18.5kW. The motores are fitted with DC electromechanical spring force brake and come as standard with rectifier (for AC supply from the terminal board) and hand lever

KLEEdrive AC-motors

KLEEdrive AC-motors are available in aluminum (type MS) or cast iron (type T). Efficiency Grade IE1, IE2 and IE3. With or without increased power. Motor parts for KLEEdrive contains flanges, feet, fan blades, fan covers, terminal boards and boxes, external fans and shields.

KLEEdrive HE (Harsh environment)

KLEEdrive HE ac motor series in aluminum with a specially developed surface treatment suitable for use where a clean environment is required. The surface ensures that there is no peeling from the paint and any corrosion. In addition, the engine is equipped with stainless steel screws and a galvanized fan shield to prevent rust deposits.

- UL / CSA approved
- IP55
- Available with plastic fan shield on certain models
- Broad program.

Contact us for information and ordering.

Icme AC-Motors

Standard AC-Motors, Single Phase Motors, Motor Spare Parts

Bonfiglioli AC-Motors

Standard AC-Motors, UL/CSA certified motors and flanges for Bonfiglioli motors

Bonfiglioli DC motors

Bonfiglioli DC-motors type BC. Voltage 12/24/36/48/65/90/110 and 180 VDC. 0,03-1,4 kW. Version 63/71/80. Foot- or flange versions (B3/B5/B14). With brake, with negative brake, with tacho.

NB! This product is no longer in our program. If in stock you can still buy the remaining items.

Visam vibration motors

Wide range 50 to 23.000 Kg force latest generation robust design, for heavy duty S1 Special cylindrical roller bearings, special low loss lamination 100% tested before leaving factory.

Elte high Frequency Electric Motors

Elte High Frequency Electric Motors for industry use. 0,2-15 kW. Speed 1.500-40.000 rpm.

Elte TMA motor

Elte TMA-series has been expanded with the new TMA5 - a new line designed for CNC machinery subject to extreme workloads.

Side channel- and turboblowers

For vacuum (suction) up tto 650 mbar (by 50hz). For pressure up to 700 mbar (by 50 hz).

Roots blowers

The Kleeblower 3 lobe Roots Blower is a high-performance roots blower with the possibility of synchronous operation up to 4000 rpm. High capacity and pressure vacuum, low vibrations, relatively quiet and a low weight are among the technical characteristics. Size of inlet-flange from 2,5” up to 12”. The roots blower can provide a max. pressure of 1 bar above atmospheric pressure. The difference between a roots blower for pressure and for vacuum is primarily the location of the silencer, the filter and the shut-off valve.

• High efficiency - The rotor linear structure minimizes the area and improves blower capacity.
• Low vibration - Proper balancing of the rotor (g2,5) minimizes vibrations and thus noise.
• Pressure drop - the inline structure (inlet/outlet) reduces the pressure drop and optimizes the operation.
• Vacuum - the roots blower provides a vacuum of max. -6000 mmAq. On request it is available in a twochamber version and thereby achieve a vacuum of -6500 mmAq.

Stainless IEC Motors

Please note that all 3-phase motors are made for use by (unless other stated):
- Protection Class IP69K
- Air cooling according to IC411
- Installation height max. 1000m above sea level
- Ambient temperature of max. 40 ⁰C
- Continuous operation S1
- Standard voltage: 230 / 400V 50Hz (276 / 480V 60Hz), 400 / 690V 50Hz (480 / 828V 60Hz)
- Insulation class F (100 ⁰C) with Class B (80 ⁰C) temperature increase (Insulation class H on request)

Motor Power Company DC-motor
Small Motors

From 6 til 120 W (size 6, 8, 9). i=3 to i=1800. 1 phase A/C as well as 24/180 VDC. Option: Brake, tacho.

Various Motors
Adjustable Motor Mountings

Adjustable motor mountings. Motor bases.


Electromagnetically released spring-applied brakes, also known as safety brakes. Torque: 4-480nm. Voltage: 205 VDC. For hole Ø11, 15, 20, 25 and 35. Comes complete with dust protection ring, hand lifter, flange, disc set, hubs and rectifier. Compatible with Intorq brake type 14,448. and BFK 458

Carpanelli Hygienic line GHA

Carpanelli Hygienic Line GHA

New motor line with silver treatment.

This new silver treatment created for aluminium alloy motors gives the motors antibacterial properties and as such offers a valid alternative to stainless steel motors or indeed other expensive treatments.

These motors are perfect for those industries, such as food and pharmaceutical, where a clean and aseptic environment is needed. This treatment gives the motors interesting characteristics, such as:

- Resistance to corrosive agents, bringing the motors to the same level as stainless steel motors;

- Better electrical and thermal conductivity, allowing the motor to dissipate 35% more heat than non-treated aluminium, and 10 times more than stainless steel;

- Anti-mould and germicidal properties, making these motors suitable for aseptic environments than stainless steel motors

- High resistance to abrasive wear

- High hardness.

BEGE Stainless steel IEC motors

BEGE IEC stainless steel motors excel in power, efficiency and food safety. Suitable for applications where hygiene plays an important role. Meets HACCP requirements. Model Stark EBS. IE3 three-phase motors are suitable for frequency control with constant torque between 15 - 50 Hz.


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