CeramicSpeed hybrid bearings

CeramicSpeed ball bearings

The CeramicSpeed Bearings can be used as means of optimisation within a wide range of issues. Here you will find the series Insulate (ac motors etc.), Xtreme (contaminated environments) and Corrotec (stainless for food processing etc.).

They are well suited for areas with a lot of contamination from water, dust, dirt and metal,
whether it is about bearings with many starts/stops, or where there is a need for fast acceleration. In harsh environments with insufficient lubrication, high temperature, vibrations, bearing stray current and
other forces as such, you will find that CeramicSpeed Bearings have a much longer service life and thus a better overall economy.

Ceramic bearings last 4-8 times longer than traditional bearings made from steel. The energy consumption is up to 70 % lower. The operating temperature in a ceramic hybrid bearing is 14-47 °C lower than in standard bearings.

Hybrid bearings are perfect in electric motors and other enviroments where it is necessary to prevent stray currents from passing through the bearing. The ceramic balls are nonconductive and have an insulating ability of at least 2,5 kV. Contact us for specific details regarding the insulating ability of larger bearings.

Additionally, LongLife Insulate Bearings reduce energy loss in the bearings by 70 %

CeramicSpeed HighTemp
CeramicSpeed roller bearings


CeramicSpeed other ceramic bearings


CeramicSpeed SLT bearings

CeramicSpeed has developed a polymer matrix saturated with lubrication oil in order to avoid damage to the bearing under extreme conditions.

CeramicSpeed SLT is a polymer matrix saturated with lubrication oil. The matrix secure to retain oil right on the functional surfaces of the bearing under even very harsh conditions while at the
same time preventing moist and foreign particles in entering the bearing.

Focus application:
• Environments with sever particle contamination.
• Applications in moist surroundings - even under splash water influence.
• Chemical, pharmaceutical or other applications, where no liquid lubricant can be allowed.

CeramicSpeed bearing units

CeramicSpeed flange bearings for machine builders in the food industry. With smooth and rounded surface, which prevents water and bacteria from entering the device. End caps are bolted on. The bearing units can withstand frequent washing. No relubrication of the bearing is necessary.

Housing in polyurethane
Hybrid ball bearings with ceramic balls (Si3N4)
Inner and outer ring in stainless steel

Housing, open in IP66
Housing, closed in IP67

Bearing housing is mounted with set screws or bolted. Must be tightened with specific torque.

Temperature range: -30 gr.C up to +100 gr.C.

- Extremely long life
- FDA approved
- Standard dimensions

Vibaration analysis

Together with our supplier and manufacturer CeramicSpeed we can help you with:
• Diagnostic test
• Analysis
• Alignment
• Balancing
of applications with bearings.

CeramicSpeed SlipCoat

Can you make a bearing run without lubrication? So far, the answer from CeramicSpeed has been the same “All bearings can run without lubricant - but not for a very long time”.
How to provide a solution for applications where ANY tiny drop of oil could ruin products, processes, or sensitive environments?
So, when one of CeramicSpeeds good customers came up with the exact challenge of making a “lubrication free” bearing where no dripping or splatter of lubricant was acceptable and with a run time of more than 3.000 hours of operation, CeramicSpeed gave the challenge to their in-house specialists.

Solution tested:
Ball bearing size 6202:
- Stainless steel rings (AISI440C)
- Silicon Nitride rolling elements
- CeramicSpeed SlipCoat treatment

- As the coating remains soft it creates some friction in the bearing. Hence the solution is not recommendable where low friction / high speed is a key performance focus. CeramicSpeed SlipCoat is available in any ball bearing configuration with short lead time!

Technical Highlights:
- Coating material is FDA and EN/1935 compatible
- Functional in temperatures from -20ºC until 260ºC
- Extremely chemically inert
- Transparent / colorless

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.


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