Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Statutory statement regarding CSR in according with section 99a at the Danish financial statement act.

Brd. Klee A/S takes a targeted approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR). This is based on the strong belief that it creates value for Brd. Klee A/S as well as for society if we take responsibility through the way in which we operate and through our products.

Brd. Klee A/S’ CSR work is based on the principles set out in the UN Global Compact initiative, a set of internationally recognized principles which the UN encourages businesses worldwide to live up to. Global Compact is divided into four main focus areas that are particularly relevant to Brd. Klee A/S ‘efforts:

– Human Rights
– Labour
– Environment
– Anti-corruption

Working with CSR is based in the company’s board and management team, which is responsible for continuously developing the company’s corporate social responsibility. This includes ensuring that the company follows developments in the area to communicate its policies towards all the stakeholders. CSR is an important element in the company’s management. Therefore the elements are regularly evaluated for any changes.

With reference to the four main focus areas above the company has prepared the following guidelines for corporate social responsibility in Brd. Klee A/S with associated concrete action plans for future activities.

1. We support and respect the protection of internationally claimed human rights

2. We ensure that we do not contribute to human rights abuses

3. We work to maintain freedom of association and effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining

4. We support elimination of all forms of forced labor

5. We support effective abolition of child labor

6. We are working for elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation

7. We support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges

8. We take initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility

9. We are working for the development and distribution of environmentally friendly technologies

10. We oppose all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery

The Company shall report on CSR when publishing its Annual Report. The CSR report shall indicate the company’s CSR initiatives within individual accounting periods, results of these actions and future CSR initiatives.


Reports on CSR (in Danish):

20/12-2023 CSR - 2022/2023 
15/12-2022 CSR - 2021/2022
17/12-2021 CSR - 2020/2021
14/12-2020 CSR - 2019/2020
16/12-2019 CSR - 2018/2019
07/12-2018 CSR - 2017/2018
18/12-2017 CSR - 2016/2017
15/12-2016 CSR - 2015/2016
11/12-2015 CSR - 2014/2015
19/12-2014 CSR - 2013/2014
17/12-2013 CSR - 2012/2013
07/12-2012 CSR - 2011/2012
19/12-2011 CSR - 2010/2011
23/12-2010 CSR - 2009/2010


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