Bonfiglioli Wormgears W and VF

Bonfiglioli worm gears VF and W - Sizes 27 to 75 in aluminium other sizes in cast iron. Torque 13-7,100 NM. Ratio up to i=1715. Double worm gearboxes ratio up to i=10.000. For motors 0.04-75 kW (n1 = 1400 min-1).

Bonfiglioli worm gear VF-EP and W-EP with stainless steel output hollow shaft. Torque 2-440 NM. Ratio i=7 to i=100. For motors 0.09-4 kW.

Bonfiglioli worm gears with pre-stage WR - Sizes WR 63 up to WR 110. Torque 11-1,050 NM. Ratio from i=15 to i=300. For motors 0.09-4 kW (n1 = 1400 min-1)

If stock is 0, please contact us about assembling the gearbox. W-gears are delivered uassembled.

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