Standard AC motors

KLEEdrive three-phase AC motors i aluminum (TxA) or cast iron (TxC). Efficiency class IE1=MS/T1A, IE2=MS2/T2A/T2C, IE3=T3A/T3C, IE4=T4A/T4C. Output 0.06-315 kW. 2-4-6-8 pole. With og or without increased power. Voltage 3x230/400V and 3x400/690V. All IE3 and IE4 models with PTC as standard. 
Bonfiglioli three-phase AC motors. Efficiency class IE1=BN, IE2=BE og IE3=BX. Output 0.12-22.0 kW. 4-pole. Voltage 3x230/400V and 3x400/690V
Icme three-phase AC motors. Efficiency class IE1=T, IE2=THE og IE3=TPE. Output 0.06-11.0 kW. 2-4-6-8 pole. Increased power on request. Voltage 3x230/400V and 3x400/690V
KLEEdrive single-phase AC motors in aluminum. Efficiency class IE1=MY. Output 0.06-1.55 kW. 2-4-6 pole. Voltage 1x230V
Icme single-phase AC motors with running capacitor (series M) or start and running capacitor (series MD). Output 0.09-3.0 kW. 2-4-6-8 pole. Voltage 1x230V

Please note that all 3-phase motors are made for use by (unless other stated): Protection Class IP54. Air cooling according to IC411. Installation height max. 1000m above sea level. Ambient temperature of max. 40 ⁰C. Continuous operation S1. Standard voltage: 230/400V 50Hz (276/480V 60Hz), 400/690V 50Hz (480/828V 60Hz). Insulation class F (100 ⁰C) with Class B (80 ⁰C) temperature increase (Insulation class H on request).

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