Hepco linear actuators

Hepco SBD Belt Transmission

Hepco SBD sealed belt driven units, offered in standard and clean room configurations. Come in two sizes. At the heart of the units are high capacity LBG recirculating ball guides providing improved moment load capacity and longer life in high duty cycle applications.

Hepco PDU2

Hepco PDU/PDU2 belt driven units provide exceptional performance at a competitive price which is unmatched by similar size of belt products. Compact ready to mount units in lengths up to 6m. Herculane low friction wheel technology. Corrosive resistant version available.

Hepco DLS

Hepco DLS are belt driven linear units built from GV3 tracks and carriages on aluminium profiles. Supplied in 3 sizes and in lengths up to 30 meters. Can also be supplied with worm gear and motor.

Hepco HDLS Actuator

Hepco Motion’s Heavy-Duty Linear Actuator will handle heavy loads in a variety of factory conditions with minimal maintenance requirements. It is popular in many automotive installations where round the clock reliable running is vital, and also as part of heavy duty gantry axes.
• The Strong beam section will perform a gantry function as part of the structure with no additional support required.
• High driving forces ideal for automotive or other heavy duty pushing requirements.
• Generously sized range of steel reinforced belts ideal for lifting heavy loads.
• HDLS actuators use our high capacity double row bearings from our HDS2 range. These will give superior performance over many re-circulating drive products.
• Low maintenance cap wipers can be linked to automatic lubrication system.
• Available with wider slide spacing to handle high offset loads.

Hepco DAPDU2 Dual Action

Hepco Dual Action Linear Actuator is designed to provide a low maintenance solution suitable for systems that require opening and closing movements including architectural applications such as windows and doors. This linear actuator boasts speed, and low friction surpassing that of comparable actuators. Loads are designed to be hung from the actuator making it particularly suitable for door opening and closing applications where space is at a premium.

• Multi carriage arrangements possible for wider door applications.
• Simple belt adjustment.
• Flat or angled carriage plate for easy mounting.
• High strength beam with T slots to suit aluminium profiles.
• Internal buffers for end of stroke protection.

Hepco PSD Ball Screw Actuator

Hepco’s PSD lightweight screw driven actuator is a space saving ready to mount system available in 80mm (PDS80) or 120mm (PDS120) units.

These cost-effective actuators are available in lengths up to 2850mm (6000mm for slave units). The PSD80 Linear Actuator is available as standard with a stainless steel lead screw in a range of screw pitches and complements the precision ball screw offering within PSD120 and PSD80.

• Can be used as a single or multi axis unit.
• Hepco Herculane® Wheels ensure zero play linear motion.
• Available with ball screw and lead screw drive with stainless steel option and wide range of screw pitches.
• Stainless steel cover effectively seals the unit from debris.
• Works well in Z-axis applications.
• Double acting PSD80 available.

Hepco SDM Ball Screw Actuator

Hepco’s SDM Ball Screw Linear Actuator provides a linear solution with a long work life; this product has been designed with a ball screw drive to provide additional linear precision and force. Sealing is provided by a very effective stainless steel band running along the length of the beam. Two actuator sizes are available as standard 20-80 & 30-100.

• Five ball screw pitches available as standard 16×5/10/16, 20×5/20.
• Actuators supplied up to 2800mm in one piece.
• Standard production, units available on short lead times.
• Positive sealing using linear seal and stainless steel band along the length of beam.
• High load using Caged Linear Ball Guides.
• Long carriage option has two bearing blocks for increased capacity.
• Available with motor connection kits.
• Easy access re-lubrication points, with “close off” threaded plugs.

HDCS Heavy Duty Actuator

The Hepco Heavy Duty Ball Screw Actuator is designed for the precise actuation of high loads. This linear actuator can be used as a stand-alone X-axis or as a Z-axis with the beam as a moving element.

• Compact high strength aluminium beam section.
• Lengths up to 2740 mm as standard.
• Play free ball screw assembly allows accurate positioning.
• Beam T-slots compatible with aluminium profile section for ease of mounting.
• High capacity Ø 64 mm or Ø 95 mm bearings provides rigidity under load.
• Low maintenance cap wipers for prolonged performance.
• Optional bellows cover.

Hepco HPS Pneumatic Actuator

Hepco HPS Pneumatic Linear Actuator combines HepcoMotion’s proven V Guide technology with an extensive range of high quality pneumatic rodless cylinders.

• Corrosion resistant options are available.
• Supplied ready to mount.
• Self supporting structure for simple installation.
• Performs well in harsh environments.
• Can take loads in any direction.
• Cap sealed bearings for long life and low maintenance.
• Proximity switches for end or mid stroke sensing.
• Connection brackets for mounting to aluminium profiles.


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